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Health and Wellness Service Provider You Can Rely On

Our Priority Is Taking Care of You

Did you know?

Most insurance carriers are required to provide wellness programs that are free of charge AND offer incentives for participation to their employees. These include:

  • Humana

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • United Health Care

  • Aetna

  • Aflac, Colonial, etc.

Total Care Can Provides These Services

Your Physical Including

  • Vital Signs

  • Lipid Profile (cholesterol levels)

  • EKG & Cardiac Screening

  • Lab Work (CBC, CMP, Liver Panel, etc)

  • PSA Lab Work

  • Vision Screening

  • X-rays (if required)

We Will Keep Know The Of Your Health

  • We will provide you with your Health Profile.

  • You can return these to your PCP for his records

  • Each year you return for your physical we can compare your health status to the previous year.

  • For sick visits to Total Care we will know your baseline health status.

Benefits For You

  • You become aware of your health status.

  • Total Care and You can address any health care concerns before they become health problems.

  • Stay current with any medications or medical technologies available to you and any medical problems you may have.

  • You can receive the incentive (if any) your insurance carrier offers.

What you do need to do?

  • Call us to find out what coverage you have?

  • Either walk-in or make an appointment.

  • We are open 7 days a week.

Total Care Weight Loss Program

You are going to be able to say- I DID IT!

Total Care will give you the tools to begin your weight loss journey. We do not promise overnight success, but we will equip you with the skills to begin to make life changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle and a more fit YOU!

Initial Consult

  • Information Gathering

  • Assessment

  • Standard Vitals

  • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respirations, etc

  • Health History, Family History

  • Eating Habits

  • Exercise Habits

  • What results are you looking for?

  • Weight loss?

  • Weight gain?

  • Weight maintenance?

Weekly/Monthly Visits

  • Review Progress

  • Assess Progress

  • Record Vital Signs

  • Record Weight

  • Assess Nutritional Progress

  • Assess Exercise Program Effectiveness

  • Refill Prescription(s) if needed.

  • Administer Injections


  • Initial Visit- $75.00

  • Monthly Visit- $40.00 includes LipoTrim injection.

  • LipoPlex- $35.00 (injection only)

  • LipoTrim- $25.00 (injection only)

  • 20% discount for healthcare workers

What We Provide

The Total Care Plan

  • Weight Loss Injections

  • Lipoplex/trim- Vitamin and Amino Acid formulation in injections (can receive weekly)

  • Nutrition Plan

  • Formulated for your needs

  • Easy to follow and can be modified based on what foods you like.

  • Exercise Plan

  • Formulated based on your abilities

  • Pharmacotherapy

  • Prescription weight loss medications

  • Based on your need (not required)

  • Support

  • Call anytime with questions regarding any of they above. We are here for you through your journey.

If you choose LipoPlex- $50


Contact Info

Total Care
Angela Webb C.O.O.

Aflac Agent/Special Projects Coordinator


The Aflac Way

Since the founding of Aflac in 1955, we've put the customer first by reminding ourselves daily of the promises we've made to those we insure. By doing so, we've gained the trust of more than 50 million people who count on us to pay claims fairly, promptly when they need us most – often paid in one day for eligible claims. Our customers choose Aflac because of our commitment to providing them with the confidence that comes from knowing they have assistance in being prepared for whatever life may bring.

Aflac is the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the work site in the United States.

  • Short-Term Disability
  • Accident
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Life (term, whole)
  • Cancer
  • Dental
  • Critical Illness
  • Vision

After obtaining my license in May of 2015, it was never a question about what company and what product I would represent. In my 3 plus years of service with Aflac I've seen many of my policyholders break down in tears when they received their Aflac check in their account or in their hand. Pure tears of relief. That's what it's all about. It is my honor to be of service to Aflac and to my policyholders. It would be my honor to work with your company and your employees as well. I'm looking forward to many more years of service.

Some of the Health and Wellness services we provide:


Vital Signs

Lipid Profile (cholesterol levels)

EKG & Cardiac Screening

Lab Work (CBC, CMP, Liver Panel, etc)

PSA Lab Work

Vision Screening

X-rays (if required)

Flu and TB Vaccinations

Well Woman Exams