Medicare Program

Requirements and Benefits of the Medicare Program

Medicare Program

Why should I join? Ever get home and wish you’d asked the doctor a question? Not sure about what you’re supposed to do? Worried you forgot something? We can help you. The healthcare system is hard to understand… so is your medicine, your illnesses, and what’s happening to you. Your personal nurse is here for you … by phone, PC or videoconference … while you remain in the privacy of your home. We’ll even help you surround yourself with a team of encouraging friends and family. Your doctor offers this service so you can be happier and healthier; not to mention receive OUTSTANDING care.

Program rules: 1) You are free to leave this program at any time; 2) You can only participate through one doctor; 3) You will receive a written CarePlan; 4) There may be a co-pay; your doctor can explain.

How do I get started? Your doctor verified that you are eligible and recommends this program for you. His referral has been sent electronically to your personal nurse; she will be familiar with your conditions from your first meeting. Our Patient Services group will call from Area Code 667 to schedule a convenient time for your first telehealth visit. They will help you decide if visits will be by phone or video. If you have WiFi we can provide a digital tablet for your visits. After a few weeks your nurse will prepare your personal Care Plan. It is a roadmap, in simple language, to help you know how to feel healthier, happier, and enjoy your life more. Our goal? A happier and healthier YOU!

What should you expect? We will listen to YOU, carefully and respectfully. We will help you find ways to improve your health … small ways, big ways, but always through ways you can manage. You will know you are cared about, not just cared for. You will build a warm. lasting, trusted relationship with your healthcare team. Through understanding and communication we will help you take better control over your health, and your life. Our goals for you are better health, a happier life, and less time being sick.

A couple of quick notes:

  1. Requirement is that the patient has been seen within the past 1 year, is aware of the program and agrees.  Should be simple, it’s completely free
  2. We are recommending that diabetics and all patients with any indication of cardio-vascular issues be signed up for a BLOOD PRESSURE device.
  3. Asthma and COPD patients can use the pulse-oxymeter, but it is small and easily lost.  You’ll need to caution them.
  4. The devices transmit via a national cellular account (not the patients’ own phone).  They do not require internet, wi-fi, or that the patient have a cellular account.
  5. The devices transmit automatically on the end of the measurement cycle.  The patient need only remember to actually USE the device each day.
  6. Remind patients they will get a call from Precise to help them understand how the device works, and will receive a monthly call from our clinical staff just to check in.
  7. Lastly, be sure the information on the card is legible, and remember to check off the device you are ordering.

Your strong recommendation that this is a wonderful preventative step that helps bring technology to them is paramount in the program success.